MEITAL 2009: "The Open Knowledge World"


The 7th Annual MEITAL National Conference


The MEITAL 2009 conference, in memory of the late Prof. Nechemia Levzion, will take place this year at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009. The conference will focus on the achievements and challenges in e-learning in higher education and on future development avenues


The conference is a multi-participant, national gathering that is held once a year at one of the academic institutions that are members of MEITAL. The conference comprises a unique experience for a formal and informal professional meeting of all those involved in e-learning and e-teaching in higher education. It will include lectures dealing with the integration of e-learning in academic teaching in Israel, an exhibition of posters and presentations, round tables covering various areas of interest and specialization. Workshops will be held the day before the conference. The conference will provide diverse opportunities for social and professional encounters in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Members of the academic staff and others interested in e-learning in higher education institutions in Israel are invited to participate.



The conference's Program Committee is headed by Prof. Emanuel Gruengard.

Prof. Gruengard is a professor at the Software Engineering Department of Shenkar College, and the director of Shenkar College's distance learning unit.