The 12th Annual MEITAL National Conference

Posters presentation guidelines


Posters can be presented either traditionally (i.e., cardboard/paper), or electronically (i.e., presentation or video).

Cardboard/paper posters guidelines:

  • 120cm height

  • 90cm wide

  • Writing: Please make sure the posters fonts will be in readable size (text font size should be no less than 18 and for titles no less than 24). We recommend the posters should contain about 200 words.

  • Please make sure the title, author/s and institution names appear at the top of the poster.

Please note: the posters have to be submitted on the day of the conference at the registration desk by 9AM. The organizing committee will make sure every poster is professionally presented.

Electronic poster submission guidelines (presentation/video)

  • The presentation should not extend 10 slides

  • The video should be no longer than 5 minutes

  • The presentation/video should not exceed 10MB

Comment: the presentation file, or video, should be submitted by the following form no later than June 30, 2014.

Questions regarding the posters and the submission process can be directed to