MERLOT: A Tool for Classroom Effectiveness

On Tuesday, October the 21st, MEITAL guests Professor Sorel Reisman, MERLOT Managing Director and Ms. Barbra Bied Sperling, MERLOT Manager of Software and Technical Development, will present  an overview of MERLOT, finding and using OERs for both new and current members and MERLOT's updates and initiatives. 

I)    Using detailed, relevant and contemporary examples, such as mobile computing, participants will be exposed to issues related to the use and reuse of OERs. 


II)   There will be a focus on MERLOT's functionality the way it relates to Open Education Resources, including the organization of the website, features and services, such as becoming a member during the workshop or contributing a material. 


III)   The workshop will also include a demonstration of how MERLOT can be used to find appropriate, quality content as well as how it can be used with SoftChalk and LMS. The workshop will outline the processes for integrating instructional materials in hybrid, online, and face-to-face courses. 

VI) The second part of the workshop will describe new and upcoming features in MERLOT II, the newest release of the MERLOT system. In addition, the presentation will describe how institutional initiatives use MERLOT resources to provide quality and affordable choices for their students and instructors. In addition, the presentation will describe how institutional initiatives use MERLOT resources to provide quality and affordable choices for their students and instructors. The initiatives in which MERLOT is an essential function that will be discussed include:

California State University’s Affordable Learning Solutions - enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable, quality educational content for their students.

Open Textbook Initiative - to determine the 50 most widely-taken lower-division courses in California higher-education system and create free digital and low-cost print textbooks for these courses.

US Department of Labor and Workforce Development Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) – to develop OER and support delivery of US workforce development

Course Redesign with Technology initiative - for California State University System faculty to create ePortfolios to share their experiences and outcomes with colleagues across the CSU. - the California Open Education Library to find or share free and open online materials for a course with colleagues and students

maMERLOT - the MERLOT mobile app collection provides easy access to mobile apps by platform, grade level and discipline. The site allows users to find mobile apps for teaching and learning.

MERLOTx - a MERLOT student interface portal, created to help students easily find resources to support their learning goals. 

The presentation will also describe new MERLOT projects, including:

Partnership with the Open Education Consortium

New IEEE K-12 Science, Engineering, and Computer Science study plans

Metadata discovery through LRMI

This is a great opportunity, regardless of your experience with MERLOT, to learn new things or be reacquainted with features of the repository. In addition, the new MERLOT Content Builder authoring tool will be demonstrated. 

The workshop will be held between 10:00-15:00 at the Dan David building (virtual map). To participate in the workshop, please send an e-mail to






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