MEITAL is the Inter-University Center for e-Learning (IUCEL), which is part of the Israeli Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC), located at Tel-Aviv University. MEITAL assists Israeli institutions of higher education – universities and academic colleges – in advancing the use of e-learning technologies.

MEITAL creates opportunities for institutional connections and collaboration among academic institutes in Israel. Most of MEITAL's activity is conducted through several workgroups. The members of the workgroups are representatives of all the institutions that take part in MEITAL, as well as experts in specific areas. The workgroups deal with issues such as: learning environments, new technologies, methodologies and staff development, specific content areas, intellectual property rights, common standards, and more.

Other services provided by MEITAL: conferences and seminars, central platforms (asynchronous and synchronous) for experiencing learning technologies, a central information website, a research fund, central purchase of products, etc.

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