About The Learning Objects Repository

The E-learning Objects Database Project


In view of the intensive development of online teaching aids in Israel, the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) and IUCC have teamed up to establish an e-learning objects database. The establishment of a central database will enable lecturers, teachers and students in various sectors to find learning materials suitable for their needs more easily, while reusing resources that have already been developed, and creating new learning objects based on existing content. The use of the database will facilitate the preparation of diverse lesson plans, integrating various learning objects that are adapted to the learning needs.


The Learning Objects Database will initially include projects developed within the framework of the Second Call issued by VATAT (The Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education): "Implementation of Learning Technologies in Institutions of Higher Education." These and other materials will be accessible in the database following their cataloging, examination and peer review. The project will include the definition of standards and the adaptation of international ones to Israeli needs, such as support in Hebrew, and will be constructed on the basis of models of similar sites presently operating around the world with great success.


The consolidation of the principles for the definition of an Israeli objects characterization standard (ISRACore) is performed by a work group in which all the bodies active in this field in Israel are represented (the academia, the educational bodies, the industry and content providers). This standard will be based on LOM (Learning Object Metadata) that is accepted in Europe.


The adoption of the Israeli standard, ISRACore, by bodies operating in this field will assist to create a common language among the various databases in Israel and around the world, and will thus expand the range of objects placed at the users' disposal within the different frameworks. The objects that will be uploaded onto the site will be accompanied by professional opinions of content specialists as well as folksonomies. They will be tagged by keywords to enable learning objects retrieval by content, age and level requirements and more. The two quality measures will allow users to evaluate the usability level of the object chosen for their needs.


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