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The contribution of Open Educational Resource repositories to the quality and accessibility of higher education and to the general public is steadily growing year by year. Such repositories enable lecturers, teachers, and students at all levels of education to easily find learning objects most suitable to their needs, to reuse existing resources, and to develop and redevelop new ones based on existing content.

MERLOT ( is the leading U.S.-based international learning consortium and publicly available digital repository, containing metadata for n 25,000+ online learning objects. MAOR, the Israeli community and metadata and object repository ( was developed by MEITAL (IUCEL: Inter-University Center for e-Learning) in cooperation with MERLOT.

Through these online communities we encourage faculty to share materials and teaching methods, and learn from each other's classroom experiences. In order to enhance the pedagogical content knowledge of faculty in various disciplines, MERLOT has created more than 22 discipline communities that peer-review the materials, as well as expand the shared teaching expertise available for their reuse and adaptation.  MERLOT also provides social networking and other tools for professional and scholarly collaborations among disciplinary and institutional colleagues.

MEITAL and MERLOT are currently working on the formation of the new discipline community of Jewish Studies. This community will be led by Jewish Studies researchers from Israeli institutions, in collaboration with experts from around the world. The community will facilitate the incorporation of learning objects in the discipline of Jewish studies, and will assist the process of peer review, which will assist optimal use of the objects by teachers, learners and researchers in Israel and around the world.  Eventually, it is expected that this collaborative community will be the authoritative, international source of online learning materials for the discipline of Jewish Studies.

The process of forming the community will include the following steps:

  • Recruiting a "Steering Committee" of members from Israeli and international academia.
  • Defining the workgroup's activity.
  • Developing an ontology for the discipline of Jewish studies – MERLOT's "taxonomy".
  • Establishing a basis for the Jewish Studies collection, and promoting initiatives for sharing materials.
  • Creating validation (peer review) procedures for materials in the online collection.
  • Training workgroup members as peer reviewers in the MERLOT method
  • Community formalization and creation of the Jewish Studies Editorial Board.
  • Creating and launching the Jewish Studies portal in Hebrew and English.

.Proposed Categories: Hebrew, English




Bar Ilan University

Dr. Yigal Levin


Head of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center, Jewish History, Tel Aviv University  

Dr. Simha Goldin


Ariel University Center

Dr. Amnon Shapira  

IUCC Chairman

Ben-Gurion University 

Prof. Shlomi Dolev


Head of the Department of Information Science, Bar Ilan University 

Prof. Judith Bar Ilan


Tel Aviv University

Dr. Anat Cohen 


Head of Media Section, University of Haifa Library 

Ms. Ora Zehavi


Head of Humanities and Social Studies,

Center for Educational Technology (MATACH)

Mr. Avi Warshavsky




Dr. Sorel Reisman, MERLOT Manager of Technical Development, Cal. State Univ. Fullerton
Ms. Barbra Bied Sperling, MERLOT Manager of Technical Development
Mr. Eli Shmueli, MEITAL Director

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